Dionesia klar med debutalbum

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Debutalbum fra danske Dionesia


This is where you want to announce the new album. Start with a strong lead sentence, and if this is a follow-up album, make reference to previous work by the band with which the reader may be familiar. If this is a debut album, then you need to say that and provide some key information about the music itself. This is also the area where you want to mention any big-ticket selling points for the album or band, such as:

  • Praise from a well-known artist, producer, DJ, or others

  • A well-known guest star on the album

  • That it was produced by a well-known producer

  • A song that has received a lot of radio play

  • The fact that the album was recorded in a famous studio


Paragraph Two

In this paragraph, briefly expand a little bit about the band and the music on the album. This paragraph is very important for a new band with a debut album. Don't mistake this for a band bio—which should be separate—but include some details about where the band comes from, what their influences were, or who band members previously played with.

Paragraph Three

This paragraph gives your reader solid reasons why they should write about your band and review your album. But avoid words such as "great" and "fantastic" because they come across as fluff. Instead, mention things like:

  • Sold-out upcoming tour dates

  • Reviews that you know are forthcoming in well-known publications or on respected websites

  • Any radio play the album has received or any radio play that is upcoming that is 100 percent confirmed

The Closing

At the bottom of your press release, include the contact information for the person fielding press queries for the album, even if this information is also at the top of your page. Set this information apart from the body of your press release in the same manner as you did the header, preferably with the text in a box and use a larger type size or set the copy in bold. Be sure to make clear what this information is intended for, by saying, "For more information, promo requests, or to set up an interview, please contact Jane Doe." Also, include the website for the band or label, or both.


Sang, Guitar / Steffen Isaksen
Guitar, Keyboard / Peter Nielsen
Bas, Keyboard / John Bon Nielsen
Trommer / Thomas Olesen


Produceret af Emil Thøgersen og Dionesia
Mastered af HC Jessen
Alle sange skrevet af Dionesia
Indspillet 2017-2019 i Basement Studios m.fl.



Karolina Pepel